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- About DigArts Software -

DigArts Software creates visualization tools and electronic paints for professional artists. Our innovative tool technologies currently provide imaging solutions for artists working in advertising, film, games, mapping, fine art, web design and architecture in over forty different countries.

DigArts is best known for our paint collections Jungle DVD, Tree Forestry, Palm Paints, Grains & Grasses and Tubular Neon as well as individual paint sets like Winter Trees & Tropics. Our tree and foliage collections Assorted Trees and Tree Canopies provide pre-painted solutions.

Our unique imaging solutions work in Photoshop or as paint sets applied using brushes found in most paint applications including Corel Painter, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, PhotoImpact. Our pre-painted tree collections work with any 2D or 3D application supporting Adobe Photoshop's PSD file format or corresponding derivatives.

DigArts licensed its first paint database product of its kind to Fractal Design in 1995. Later calling it their most successful add-on ever, Metacreations licensed Garden Hose 2 in 1996. DigArts went independent in 1997 and continues to advance new paint technologies with products like Jungle DVD. DigArts products

currently support Photoshop versions 5-CS4, Painter versions 3-11, Paint Shop Pro versions 6-11 and PhotoImpact versions 8-11.

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