What's on the Jungle 3D CD-Roms
Most plants also include nozzles or tubes depicting seasonal color variations, sub-species, blossoms, berries, leaves or seeds. These examples are from Jungle 3D and do not depict actual sizes. The Cloud, Vine and Branch nozzles are not shown here. Here are a few larger examples.
Acacia Apple Bamboo Bay
Berry-Pyracantha Big Leaf Birch Blackberry
Black Walnut Bougainvillea Catalpa Citrus
Clover Daisies Douglas Fir Eucalyptus
Fallen Leaves Ficus Forget Me Nots Grain
Grapes Green Grass Japanese Maple Jasmine
Maple Mexican Sage Park Pine
Plum Poinsettia Poplar-Tulip Tree Reeds-Cattails
Scarlet Oak Sweet Gum Sycamore Textures (Jungle 3D)
Tobria Walnut White Oak Wild Grass