Grains & Grasses EA Pro

Grains & Grasses EA offers the same fantastic palette of more than 150 tubes and nozzles that can paint detailed grains and grasses for use in web graphics or as textures for sprites in games. They're ideal for adding mood and realism to illustrations or when used as textures in 3D visualizations.

Grains & Grasses EA Pro offers a great alternative to high-poly grass renders because textures are easy and the detail is outstanding. Better yet, you can "mix" your own custom paints. Many come in seasonal colorations and the assorted touch-up tools extend creative control to the smallest detail.

Grains & Grasses EA PRO is an indispensable asset for art professionals requiring ease of us and detailed accuracy. Grains & Grasses EA Pro is only $29.95 and it's downloadable too. Order Here.




Wild Oats




Wild Grains

Grasses Touch-up Tools

(currently for Painter, Paint Shop Pro & PhotoImpact)