Jungle EA - Pro

Think next generation tools that paint trees, environments and foliage with unmatched ease and visual sophistication.

Jungle EA is indispensable for professional artists working with plants, trees and nature at screen resolutions. It paints fast without sacrificing the detail necessary for dimensional realism. You can actually paint whole forests as easily as you paint gardens and trees, especially if you combine Tree Forestry.

With more than 40 different plants, Jungle EA offers the same 1,000 paints found in Jungle DVD, only sized for electronic arts. It's ideal for game art, web graphics, professional photography and video. Better yet, it's available in versions for Painter and PSP and it fits even the tightest production budget.

See if Jungle EA Pro isn't one of the best solutions anywhere. Try one of these reduced samples with Painter or Paint Shop Pro. Jungle EA Pro is $29.95

Currently available for Painter, Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact.