Palms Paints for Painter

Palm Paints is a comprehensive set of imaging tools capable of
rendering some of the most common varieties of palms.
assorted nozzles spray realistic fronds with unmatched speed
and visual complexity. They are ideal for 2D & 3D artists
requiring an easy method of painting with detailed accuracy.

We created the paints with rendering variation in mind. The
80 nozzles, tubes or layers depict coconut, date and
generic palm fronds in common growth patterns. The palette
includes fruited and windblown varieties along with touch-up paints
that enhance control. The new Photoshop version lets you create trees using simple drag, mix & match frond compositing, and at double the resolution.

The DVD contains over 150 pre-painted tree trunks. These date and coconut trunks are Photoshop layers you can drag and drop onto your frond canopy. Painter users will also find the 35 different trunk pattern patterns we used to paint the layered trunks collection. These pressure sensitive pattern paintsrender custom palm trees using simple linear brush strokes.

Like Jungle DVD & Grains & Grasses, Palm Paints takes over where stock images and cloning leave off. Only $49.95.